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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Laithwaites Fine Dining Six

Laithwaites know their customers and what they want to see over Christmas. Year on year, they release everything from wine advent calendars to whisky baubles. We were very luckily sent the Laithwaites Fine Dining Six set and wanted to share our thoughts.

First, let’s just talk about Laithwaites. Throughout the entire year, their website is full of incredible gifts and discounts but over Christmas, it is jam packed full of festive goodies to suit every budget and taste.

From Alcohol to chocolate hampers, you can expect to find indulgence galore on the Laithwaites website, including the Fine Dining Six which we were very luckily sent for review.

Here are our thoughts on it.

“First off this arrives packaged in a nice box which has all of the wines separated inside. Boxes are always easy to wrap so it certainly makes life much easier when it comes to wrapping.

Inside are six full sized bottles of wine – 3 bottles of red wine, two bottles of white wine and a bottle of Prosecco.

It’s taken a week of tasting, which we’re sure you will agree is a tough job, but with the help of some of santa’s elves, we ‘managed’ to test all of these out, for research purposes which we’re sure you will understand!

The red Chateaux Le Bonalguet 2017 is a deep ruby red, medium bodied, 12.5% wine which has aromas of cherries and blackcurrant. We all had a ‘test’ of this and agreed this had a smoked cherry taste and was as smooth as Elaine’s Christmas Day gravy.

The Black Stump Reserve Shiraz 2017 is a deep purple purple black, 14.5%, full bodied wine with aromas of rich blackberry, mocha and spice. After testing, the team said this was a smooth yet intensely flavoured wine. We really enjoyed this and any fans of Shiraz wines will too.

Onto the last bottle of red wine. The Diego De Almagro is a 13%, Spanish, full bodied red wine, with aromas of Vanilla, mocha, spice and berry fruit. The team all agreed that this has an oaky taste and is the perfect Christmas dinner accompaniment.

Now onto the white wines! The first of two we tried is the Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2018. This is a dry, New Zealand 12.5% Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of Tropical fruits. Pink grapefruit and herbaceous hints. We left our resident dry wine fan, Mandy to try this out who said this is “certainly ‘crisp’ and fresh. If you’ve enjoyed a decadent meal, this is just the right wine to counter balance it.”

The second bottle of white wine is the Digne del Pareto Gavi 2016 which is a dry, Italian 12% wine with aromas of Fresh citrus aromas with subtle lime and cream undertones. Again, we asked Mandy to try this out (we have no idea how she made it to work this week!) and she said “this is very dry. If you’re like me and specifically like a dry white wine then this is definitely the wine for you. This is certainly zesty with fruity notes that leave a lingering ‘tang’. I enjoyed drinking this with a cheeseboard and must say will be ordering more from the Laithwaites website”.

Last but by no means is the Prosecco. The Ca’ Bolani Prosecco Frizzante Edizione Limitata is a dry, Italian, 10.5% prosecco with aromas of Mouthwatering lemon and grapefruit aromas.  We all like a bit of prosecco and were happy to toast to Laithwaites for sending this set for review as we tried this out. This is zesty and everyone from the team noted the lingering taste of Apricot as we drank it. Really lovely and the perfect prosecco for Christmas celebrations.”

The Laithwaites Fine Dining six is available for £70.

We were kindly sent this to review but all thoughts are our own.

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