Christmas Gift Review 2019: Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light

Christmas can be a stressful time where we need to unwind and get a good nights sleep, the Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light will help you do just that. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light
Image credit: Philips

Mandy said: “First thing I will say about the Philips Somneo is I loved the design of the light, it looked so modern and stylish, I knew it would look great in any room. Setting this up was really easy, I simply put the Somneo Light in place and put the plug in and connected it at the back, as soon as I did this I was greeted with an orange light which had Hello in a few different languages.

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I followed the setup on the sleep and wake up light which was quick and easy and before I knew it the Somneo Light was up and running. There were so many different features including a wake-up profile which I could set the time, light intensity, wake-up curve duration and the type of sound and volume level I wanted. There was also the option to set an alarm for whatever time I wanted to be woken up in the morning.

Image of Philips Someno Light

There were also a few settings to help me wind down, so I tried both of these settings. The first one I tried was the Sunset Simulation which saw the brightness of the light gradually reduce and the colour went from a fairly bright yellow colour down to an orange colour, eventually turning to a soft, gentle red. I even selected a sound which I had at a fairly quiet setting but this was easily adjustable. Next up was the RelaxBreathe setting, I thought this was a great idea to help people de-stress and relax after a long day. The idea is to try belly breathing which helps to take stress out of you which to be honest it actually did, I felt so calm and relaxed before going to sleep that I had a brilliant night’s sleep.

Image of Philips Somneo Light On

A few of the other features I liked was the fact that there was a Midnight Light which was not too bright so I could read my book or if I needed to get up through the night, the light wasn’t so bright it was going to completely wake up so I couldn’t get back to sleep. The Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light had an AUX socket which meant I could connect my phone and play any music of my choosing and there was even a USB at the back of the Philips Somneo so that I could charge my phone.

Image of Philips Somneo light switched on

Overall I thought the Philips Wake up Light was a great way to help me relax before going to bed and also helped to gently wake me up in the morning so I was ready for the day ahead at the same time as being very stylish!”

Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light can be bought online at Philips for £149.99.

Please note we were kindly sent the Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light but all thoughts are our own.

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