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Christmas Gift Review 2019: PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

We all wear activity trackers these days to make sure we’re getting enough exercise, so why should our dogs be any different? We were kindly sent the PitPat Activity Monitor for review, below we share our thoughts.

Image of PitPat Tracker
Image credit: PitPat

“When this arrived in the office, we were impressed with just how small and compact the activity monitor was. To be honest we were expecting something bulkier however this was great as it would be small enough to clip onto a dog’s collar without it irritating the dog.

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Pets At Home, £39.99: 

Image of PitPat Actvity Dog Tracker

Setting up:  simply downloaded the PitPat app which only takes a minute or two, once completed, the app asks to register an email address and after that we were taken to a page which asked for details about your dog which included: name, breed, date of birth, gender and weight. Once these were all filled, PitPat then gave suggested targets for exercise, however we could of set our own targets if we had wanted to.

Image of PipPat Dog Activity Tracker out of box

The app shows you how many miles your dog has covered, how many of those were walking, running, playing resting and pottering, calories burned and there was also a place which showed how many badges had been earned. This was a great way to make sure dogs got enough exercise but also to make sure that they are not over-doing it.

Overall we thought PitPat Activity Monitor was a great way to keep a close eye on your four legged friends activity and ideal to check how much or less exercise dogs need, plus this would also make a very thoughtful Christmas gift perfect!,

PitPat Activity Dog Tracker can be bought online for £39 here.

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