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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Pooki Interactive Pet

Make friends with Pooki, the interactive pet which has sounds, movements and an animated screen. We were kindly sent this to review, see what we thought.

Image of Pooki

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Mandy from our team was happy to review Pooki and said:

Image of Pooki toy in box

“When Pooki arrived in the office, I have to say I was instantly intrigued as to what this toy was all about. Pooki came in a box which had a pink fluffy handle and had on the front all of the fun features this toy had, such as 100+ expressions, and more.

Taking her out of the box I noticed I needed 4 x AAA batteries which were not included but I had some in the office so I unscrewed the cover and placed these in and switched the button to ON. Instantly Pooki came to life, although initially she was still asleep, so I touched the hair on her head once and she began to wake up and say “hello” in lots of different languages which was very impressive.

Image of Pooki out of box

I then began to talk to Pooki by saying “Pooki are you happy” and she started to respond to me by nodding and blinking her eyes. She can also wiggle her ears and will listen to you, Pooki will even respond with expressions including happy, sad, confused and shocked. There was also a “P” heart shaped button on her back that I pressed when it was time to feed her. Each time I pressed this, I was offering Pooki a new food to try and she likes 55 different foods including ice cream, eggs, pizza, lollipops, strawberry and many more.

Watch Mandy review and demonstrate Pooki:

Pooki also loves to give presents and the more attention I paid the more presents she gave to me. A present would appear and I had to tap Pooki’s head to open it. To open the present I simply touched the top of her hair and the present displayed. There are over 40 presents to collect and so far I have six of them so I can’t wait to see what else she has to give.

Image of Pooki on

There is also the option to download the app which does make it easier to feed Pooki but once I was finished I pressed the “P” button and Pooki returned to normal.

Overall I was impressed with the 100+ expressions she had, all of the cool, fun features and how interactive Pooki was.”

Pooki can be bought online for around £64.99, is suitable for ages 5 years plus and more information can be found here.

We were sent this to review but all thoughts our own. Prices correct and time of publication.

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