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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Pull My Finger Game

Pull my Finger is a super silly family fun game that is suitable for children aged 4 and over and adults of all ages.  We were kindly sent this to review and when this new game arrived Mandy, Katy and Holly volunteered to play the game and couldn’t wait to take it out of its box.

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Inside the colourful box, which measures  h:26.67cm x w:26.67cm x d:12.7cm, we found a cute, hard plastic monkey,which easily pushed into the colourful base; along with a monkey tail, 2 monkey butts, a monkey base, a spinner and an instruction leaflet.  We felt that the downside of this game is that once assembled the game couldn’t be be taken apart and packed back into its box for storage.

How to play the Pull My Finger game

  • 1 – Pull the finger once.
  • 2 – Pull the finger twice.
  • 3 – Pull the finger three times.
  • 4 – Pull the finger four times.
  • 3 & Spin Again! – Pull the finger three times and spin the banana again.
  • Skip Turn! – Player skips a turn – no pulling of the finger.
  • Reverse!
  • Player’s Choice!

This hilarious family game is all about pulling Mr Buster’s finger until he farts. Toilet humour is always popular and as Holly and Elaine were happy to play this game. “We prepared to follow the games instructions and took turns to spin the banana, we were already crying with laughter.

Watch Holly demonstrate Pull My Finger game:

The aim of the game is to pull the monkey’s finger and if he let’s one rip you’ll be eliminated from the game. The game carries on until there is only one player left.  With tears running down our faces we just couldn’t stop laughing at the farting monkey.

We took it in turns to spin the banana and then had to pull Buster’s finger with the amount the banana landed on, Elaine was first who landed on 3, so she pulled his finger three times and instantly Buster began to inflate. I then took a turn and landed on 1 so pulled his finger once and again he continued to inflate. We carried on doing this until Buster let out an almighty noise and deflated, the winner of this round was Holly and we found it so funny we ended up playing this three or four times.

Image of Pull My Finger game
Image credit: Jakks Pacific

We had such fun playing this game.  It’s addictive fun for all the family, young and old, and  we feel that it would make an ideal Christmas Day game that is sure to leave everyone crying with laughter.”

Fun for all, the ‘Pull My Finger’ game is sure to be a “blast” with all the family this Christmas.

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