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Christmas gift review 2019: Relative Insanity game

Relative Insanity is the fun party game created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what we thought.

Image of Relative Insanity

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As this required between 4 and 12 players, the whole team decided to get involved. The game was pretty straight forward, the player who owns the game got the chance to go first but as this was sent into us, we agreed that John could go first.

We took the Setup cards out and placed them face down on the table, we then  gave seven Punch Line Cards to each of the players and placed the rest face down, in a separate pile from the Setup Cards.

Image of Relative Insanity game

John took a card from the Setup pile and read it aloud to the rest of the players. The card read “My mother-in-law didn’t make any friends at the reception when she grabbed the microphone and said…” and we all picked out one of the cards from our seven Punch Line Cards with John picking Katy’s as the best which read “We should start a band!” As Katy was picked as the winner of that round, she got to keep the Setup card. The first player to get five Setup cards is the winner and in this case, Holly was the first to five and was the winner.

Overall everyone had a lot of fun with the different answers to each of the cards and we can definitely say we are going to play this game again after Christmas day dinner!”.

Relative Insanity is available from Interplay, it is suitable for ages 14+ and costs around £22.99.

This is definitely one game that provides loads of hilarity.

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