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Christmas gift review 2019: Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress

Looking for the ideal bed for your dog? Scruffs have partnered with Insect Shield® to develop the ultimate comfortable mattress for your pup. We were kindly sent this for review, here’s what we thought.

Image of Scruffs Insect Shield dog bed
Image credit: Scruffs

Arriving in the office in a large protected bag, Mandy from our team was first to open up and take a look at just what makes Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress one of the best on the market.

Mandy said: “When the Scruffs dog mattress arrived, I was instantly impressed with its lightweight design and size, you could easily position in any room and was large enough to fit most dog size.

Image of Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress

The mattress could be placed in any room and won’t look out of place, plus, although the bed was super lightweight,  it didn’t seem to slide around the minute it was placed on the floor.  When choosing a dog bed you need to consider various aspects so after taking a look at all of the features, I was impressed with the fact that it was odourless and would also effectively protect any dog against Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants and that the outer cover was removable, perfect for anytime of the year!

Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress Protects

The cover came off easily and after a wash or two it had not lost any of its colour or softness, basically it still felt brand new.  One of the key highlights for me is that you can take this outside in the warmer weather and your pup could relax with everyone else, instead of triple checking every five seconds they’ve not stole half your dinner.

Image of Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress logo

Overall Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress ticked every single box for practicality. The bed is washable, comfortable, relaxable and will make your fluffy friend have the best nights sleep ever”.

Scruffs Insect Shield® Dog Mattress would make an excellent Christmas gift for your pet and can be bought online for £39.99 for the medium: 82 x 58 x 6cm (32” x 23” x 2.5”) and £59.99 for the large: 100 x 70 x 7.5cm (39” x 27.5” x 3”).  Buy it at petslovescruffs from £39.99.

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