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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Slap Ninja

Slap Ninja is the new, fast paced action game which will put your skills to the test. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what we thought.

Image of Slap Ninja game
Image credit: Jakks

Holly and Katy reviewed this game and said:

“Slap Ninja looked like a lot of fun, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. We carefully removed the game from its packaging and were so happy to see that it required 3 x AAA and they were included! There is nothing more frustrating than getting something that needs batteries and not coming with batteries.

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Image of Jakks Pacific Slap Ninja game

We placed Slap Ninja on to the table, switched the switch to ON and then decided who would be the Student and who would be the Master. Katy said she would be the Student so that meant I was the Master, so we took our positions and it was game on.

Katy had to try and tap the coin in the Ninja’s hand, however I had to defend the coin, so any time she tried to get it I would slap her hand away. Katy attempted to tap the coin three times but I was just too quick and slapped her hand away. As she was the loser she got ZAPPED, which is a vibration feeling.

Image of Slap Ninja on

Overall both Katy and I had a lot of fun playing Slap Ninja – we ended up playing 3 rounds. We both liked the fact that it was easy to setup, simple to play and got our competitive sides out, brilliant!”

Slap Ninja costs £19.99, is suitable for ages four years up and requires 2 players. More information can be found here.

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