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Christmas gift review 2019: SodaStream Crystal Water Maker

Say goodbye to carrying heavy bottles and storing plastic in your house thanks to the new SodaStream Crystal. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image of SodaStream Crystal
Image credit: SodaStream

Mandy said: “I’ve tried a previous model of SodaStream and I was really impressed, so I was keen to give the new Crystal a try.

Taking this out of the box, there is the SodaStream Crystal machine which is not bulky, too heavy and looked stylish. To set up, I simply followed the instructions which were clear and easy to follow and my SodaStream was ready to be used. I placed this on my kitchen unit and not only did it take up very little space but it didn’t feel like it was going to slip or slide anywhere, it was fairly sturdy.

Image of SodaStream Crystal

Now it was time to try making some sparkling water. I filled up the included glass bottle with cold water which had an indicator on it so I didn’t over fill, turned the flask lever and turned it to unlock. I the tilted the bottle flask forward and placed in the glass bottle. I then placed the glass bottle flask to the upright position as per the instructions, pushed the machine head down and turned the flask to the lock position.

After I did all of that, I pressed the carbonating button in short buzzes until I heard a buzz and after just three buzzes I had  perfect sparkling water. There was an option to press the button a further two times if I wanted to make a drink with flavour to give a stronger taste but to be honest I found three times was the perfect amount every time.

Image of SodaSream Crystal open

The SodaStream Crystal also came with an additional gas cylinder which is easy to replace. I simply pressed the rear cover release button downwards and the back cover was able to be removed. Then I unscrewed the empty gas cylinder and removed the valve seal and plastic cap from the new cylinder and screwed this into the cylinder holder and placed the back cover back on, it really was easy to do.

SodaStream Crystal Replacement

I also really liked the fact that by using a SodaStream I could reduce my plastic use, as by using a SodaStream I could save up to 1300 bottles and cans a year, which I feel is great as not only does this make a lovely drink but also reduces single use plastic and helps the environment.

Overall I would use this again and again, not only is it easy to use, makes a tasty drink but also helps reduce plastic usage, brilliant!”

Head on over to SodaStream to find out more about SodaStream Crystal here which costs £149.99.

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