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Christmas Gift Review 2019 – The Good Life Board Game

If you ever watched ‘The Good Life’ on TV and thought you’d like to give self sufficiency a try – then now is your chance. The Good Life Board Game has just been released and Holly, Katy, Mandy and John from our office were more than happy to play this fun game which we were kindly sent.

Image credit: Allingham Games

Suitable for adults and children aged 7 and over, this easy to play, fun board game is designed for 2 -4 players and it had all four of our staff members rolling with laughter as they battled for over an hour to complete the game and become the winner.

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Inside The Good Life Board Game box John found:

  • The Good Life game board
  • Yellow, pink and white wooden playing pieces
  • Four wheelbarrows (red, green, purple and yellow)
  • Game cards
  • Dice
  • Good Life Board Game rules card, from the box.

Now Mandy, Katy, Holly and John were ready to start playing the game and Katy was first to move around the board using her yellow wheelbarrow to collect pigs, chickens, vegetables and fruit. Will she be first to become 100% self sufficient? or will John take first place as he battles to be first to fill the garden and allotment with the most produce and animals?

Image credit: Allingham Games

Mandy really enjoyed playing the Good Life Board Game and found it hard to stop laughing as everyone battled for first place. Get ready for twists and turns along the way when the Green Fingers card appears.  Will John be ready to defend the livestock from foxes?  Can Holly sell the crops and livestock at the village fair? Will Mandy be able to protect the animals from bird flu?

It all seems very simple – and it is; but are John, Holly, Katy and Mandy really ready for The Good Life?

John, Holly, Katy and Mandy said “We all really enjoyed playing ‘The Good Life’ board game and we are sure that this fun game will be really popular and played in lots of homes over the Christmas season.”

The Good Life is available for £29.95.  Use discount code ‘UTCH’ at checkout to save 10%!

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  1. alex
    December 10, 2019 / 11:23 am

    I bought this to play with my Nephews and I must say it’s fantastic! I’ve only just left it with them the other day and I’ve already heard they’ve played it again and again. I can absolutely recommend this to all families. It’s a lovely game to play together and also has a nice educational theme to it. It’s very well done though and the learning about self-sufficiency etc is not something that seems shoehorned in as some children’s game educational elements are.

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