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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Tile Combo Pack With 4 Tiles

Keep losing your phone or even the tv remote and can’t find it? Tile have got you covered with its new combo pack. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Katy thought.

Image of TILE combo pack
Image credit: Tile

Katy said: “I’ll be very honest, I lose my TV remotes all of the time and it takes me forever to find out where I might of left it, so I was really excited to give the Tile Combo Pack a try. In the box was 4 Tiles: 2 x Sticker, Slim and Mate, which I took a look at each individually. First up I downloaded the app via the app store and followed the easy-to-follow instructions including entering my email address and created a password, then I allowed the Tile access to Bluetooth.

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Image of Tile set

Adding the first Tile which by the way is very slim – about the size of two credit cards, to the app, I pressed the “Tile” button and I heard a tune play,placing my Tile onto the device the screen recognised it straight away and I was connected. Placing on my purse (in the event I lost this during manic Christmas shopping or even stole!) it barely took up any space, was as light as a feather and I had peace of mind knowing it was secure.

Image of Tile Sticker on remote

Up next I added on the two Sticker Tiles, so to do this I went back to the app, pressed the button and waited for the tune to play, placed the Tile on my phone where it recognized the Tile, named the these and added in a picture of the item I was going to put the Bluetooth trackers onto. As these were so small I decided to put onto the remote control and the other onto my laptop. Again these were very discreet and no-one would have even noticed they were there.

Image of Tile Mate on tablet

Finally I added on the Tile Mate which was a small white square tile, onto the app. It look really elegant and I decided this one would go to the back of my tablet, I couldn’t believe how small and stylish it looked and I had peace of mind knowing if I lost it I could easily find my tablet again.

I also liked the fact that the Slim and Sticker both had a massive 3-year build in battery and the Mate had a 1 year replaceable battery so I knew it wasn’t going to run out quickly.

Both the Tile Sticker and the Slim are Waterproof so no need to worry about these getting wet and the Mate is water resistant so I knew these would be safe even if it was raining!

Overall I loved the Tile Combo Pack, it was easy to set up and I knew my most valuable items were safe if I ever lost them and I would no longer have to spend half my day tracking down the remote control, just brilliant!”

Tile Combo Pack can be bought online for £64.99 here.

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