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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Virgin Wines mixed wine advent calendar

Class yourself as a wine connoisseur? then you’re going to love this boozy advent calendar by Virgin Wines, Here we review and put it to the test.

Virgin Wines mixed wine advent calendar
Image credit: Virgin Wines

Opening an advent calendar just suddenly got a little more exciting as Virgin Wines launches its mixed wine advent calendar. Please note we were sent this for review however ALL opinion are our own.

Katy from our team gets a first look and shares her thoughts on the selection below:

“Alcohol filled Advent Calendars are now all the rage, so deciding which one to buy can be rather daunting as you don’t want to spend wasted money on drinks you may not end up liking, however my ears certainly perked up when I heard Virgin Wines mixed advent calendar had arrived in the office.

Designed like a big Christmas gift, the black box is adorned with starts and a red bow emblazon with Virgin Wines logo, it certainly does give off a “x-Factor-ish” appeal.

Virgin Wines Mixed Advent Calendar 2019

OK so not the easiest of boxes to find a space for in your home as it is rather large, I’m not complaining though as I know it contains twenty four 18.7cl or 20cl of Virgins Wines exquisite range.

Each window is clearly marked and easy to push open, plus I didn’t have struggle either to pull out the wine, I’m always weary about this with alcohol advent calendars as I don’t want any smashed glass or more to the point wasted vino!

I was super surprised at the selection you receive in the box SPOILER ALERT! look away if you don’t want to know what’s all included as I’m about to share just a few: Shed Ten Shiraz Cabernet, Savvie Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Senti Prosecco Extra Dry.

Virgin Wines Mixed Advent Calendar 2019 -Out of box

I’ve already had the Shed Ten Shiraz Cabernet, yes I know it’s not advent time yet, however I of course had to share with our festive friends the taste and quality of some of the wines, the Shed Ten was smooth and tasted of rich dark fruits. If this is to go by I can’t wait to try the rest of the advent calendar.

I can see why this has sold out for the last three years and can safely it’s certainly gong to make my countdown to Christmas even more enjoyable… or at least if it lasts that long.”

You can pre-order Virgin Wines Christmas 2019 advent calendar for just £10 and then pay a further £69.99 + £7.99 delivery when available, please note this has sold out quickly in the last three years.

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