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Christmas gift review 2019: Waffle the Wonder Dog

Meet Waffle, a fluffy, brown, little bundle of trouble who desperately wants to be best friends with next door neighbours cat. Fans of cbeebies would love to own Waffle the Wonder Dog soft toy. We were kindly sent this to review.

Image credit: CBeebies/Waffle The Wonder Dog

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When this arrived in our office, everyone loved how cute this dog looked and Elaine from our team was more than happy to review Waffle. Elaine said: “Standing approximately 23cm, this adorable puppy is super soft, fluffy and at the press of his left paw, Waffle started singing part of the catchy theme tune and activated some sounds such as barking, whining and even ‘night, night’.

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To touch the fabric was really soft and was light to pick up. I thought the toy looked exactly like Waffle and even had his iconic collar and name tag which I felt was a great attention to detail. I also really liked the fact that the batteries were already included and that by simply pressing his paw a second time I could stop any of the noises and sounds Waffle was making.

Image credit: CBeebies/Waffle The Wonder Dog

Overall I was impressed with Waffle the Wonder dog soft toy, I loved hearing part of the theme tune and think that fans of Waffle are going to love this toy.”

Waffle is super soft and huggable and requires 3 non-replaceable LR44 (included) batteries.

Waffle is a really clever little guy and when the Brooklyn-Bell family adopt him they soon discover just how clever he is. Priced at around £16.99 Waffle the Wonder Dog is available from Amazon.

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