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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Skullcandy Zero Boundaries Max Performance Push Ultra

Being able to listen to your favourite music whether it’s at the gym, walking your dog at the park or simply listening on the go, then Skullcandy Push Ultra earbuds are ideal. We were kindly sent these to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Skullcandy Push Ultra Earbuds
Image credit: Skullcandy

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Image Of Skullcandy Push Ultra

Mandy said; “I love listening to music especially when I’m on the go but sometimes the volume quality is not that great, the charge doesn’t last long or the earbuds hurt my ears so I was keen to give these Skullcandy Push Ultra a try. The first thing I noticed was just how soft and moldable these headphones are, they are very comfortable to wear and it was easy to shape these so they fit my ears perfectly, so there was no need to worry about them falling out.

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I followed the instructions and placed the earbuds into the included charging case before the first use and both earbuds went LED red which meant they were charging. After that I removed them and the left bud began flashing red and blue and this meant the earbuds were in pairing mode. I selected the Bluetooth option on my phone and selected ‘Push Ultra’ and pressed ‘OK’ and they paired.

Image Of Skullcandy Push Ultra Out Of Box

On the Skullcandy Push Ultra, there are 3 buttons which basically controlled everything, I could turn the volume up and down on each of the earbuds, using the same buttons I could skip my music forward or backwards by holding each of the buttons for 2 seconds, play/pause by pressing the main button and even answer or end calls by pressing the main button again. I could clearly hear my music and as I mentioned these were very comfortable to wear.

Charging these up was simple and quick, I placed these back into the charging box and 10 minutes saw 2 hours of playback which I couldn’t believe, I honestly thought they would need at least an 1 hour or so to give a decent charge time but it was so quick. I could charge these for longer if I wanted them to last longer, again this would have taken under an hour.

Image Of Skullcandy Push Ultra Charging

Overall I was really impressed with Skullcandy Zero Boundaries Max Performance Push Ultra Earbuds, they were very comfortable to wear, easy to use and the charge time was so quick, these are a must for anyone who wants to listen to their music, answer calls etc on the go without any cable.”

Skullcandy Push Ultra Earbuds are priced at £119.99 and more information can be found at Skullcandy.