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Christmas Gift Review: Baby Shark Family singing plush

Meet the famous Shark Family singing plush. You won’t be able to cuddle them enough! Squeeze the tummy to hear the Baby Shark song, the global sensation with over 3.3 billion views! We were kindly sent this product to review, here’s our thoughts:

Image credit: Bandai

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Elaine from our team was happy to give these a review and said: “When I first opened the velcro fastening on the back of the shark, inside I found a small square sound box with 5 holes on the top to let the sound out. I then turned it over and found a small door which when unscrewed gives sufficient space for 2 x DC15 volt batteries which will keep Baby Shark singing baby shark song (do do do do do do) for hours and if the song just got a little too much as it’s played over and over again then a quick squeeze when the song is still going it will stop which I thought was great because I could start and stop the song playing as little or as often as I wanted.

When the song began playing, I could clearly hear the music and singing but it was not too loud which again I liked because it meant that it didn’t disturb other people in the room. The toys as really quite light, soft and cuddly so kids are really going to love this toy.”

Image credit: Bandai

Suitable for age 2+ the shark measures 6.9 x 8.3 x 11 inches and is available in 3 colours, yellow, pink and blue and are made of super soft plush fabric that feels great to the touch.

Also available are Shark Family song cubes.  These are the perfect size for kids to squeeze, stack, and carry around and like the plush shark they also sing the Baby Shark song. Ideal for tucking into your handbag for happy kids and fun on the go! Baby Shark Singing Plush can be bought online from Amazon.

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