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Christmas Has Arrived In Space!

Christmas day on Earth seems like it was ages ago but for those astronauts who are currently on-board the International Space Station Christmas has only just arrived.

The SpaceX Company’s supply ship, Dragon, pulled up at the orbiting lab two days after it’s liftoff. The six astronauts were getting a little low on supplies after a previous supply ship – which is owned by a different company – was destroyed in an October launch.

Nasa organised replacement equipment to go aboard Dragon which was due to arrive well before Christmas but due to rocket snags this was delayed for a month!

Mission Control joked about missing not only the December shipment date, but Eastern Orthodox Christmas on 7 January as well.

“We’re excited to have it on board,” Wilmore said. “We’ll be digging in soon.”

He’s especially eager to get more mustard. The station’s condiment cabinet is empty.

So from everyone at UnderTheChristmasTree have a very Merry Christmas to those astronauts aboard The International Space Station!

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