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Christmas Home Baking Gifts & Accessories

Christmas is fast approaching and with all the recent hype around home baking, we thought we would show you our favourite picks for Christmas home baking gifts & accessories. We were kindly sent these to review.

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Choco Writer Decorating Tubes

£1.89 Lakeland

Now you can decorate without using a piping bag! Hurrah! Simply press the pens and draw or write whatever you desire!

So now when you see biscuits and cakes with fancy writing and decorating you can re-create this at home with these Choco Writing Decorating Tubes which you can write with, swirl with, draw with and drizzle with, plus these writing tubes are available in white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate so you can do lots of fun decorating with.

Oxo 3 in 1 Potato Ricer

£30 John Lewis

Now you can mash your potato’s by simply using this OXO 3 in 1 Potato Ricer. It’s so easy to use you’ll never hesitate to make potato’s for dinner again!

When using the fine setting not only is it ideal for potatoes but it is also perfect for parsnip, carrots, turnip, gnocchi and more. Using the medium setting is great for spaetzle and pressing water while the coarse setting is the one to use for chunky apple sauce, egg salad and pressing tomatoes for sauce.

OXO Y Peeler

£6.50 Lakeland

Peeling veg is one of the most time consuming jobs when we’re cooking a big meal (particularly on Christmas eve when preparing for Christmas Day).

The OXO Y Peeler will have your spuds and carrots peeled in no time.

Rock Bakehouse Tea Towel

£8.95 at www.rockbakehouseshop.co.uk

This Tea Towel has the full recipe for a traditional Christmas cake printed on it.  The tea towel talks you through ingredients and the method involved, so if it is your first time making a Christmas cake or you just like to have the recipe on hand then this festive tea towel is the perfect addition to your Christmas baking.

OXO Blaster With Cleaning Brush

This baster is the perfect tool to help keep keep the Christmas turkey moist and give it a nice golden brown colour.

OXO’s Blaster With Cleaning Brush has an easy to grip bulb and collar and no longer will it go rolling on the floor when your trying to put the turkey back in the oven as it has been made with the bulb flat to keep it stable on the countertop.

The tube is also made of crack resistant, high heat plastic so it will last for ages. Once you have finished using this kitchen utensil use the included cleaning brush to make sure it gets a deep clean.

Ragged Rose Accessories And Bunting

Decorate your kitchen with some festive red Christmas bunting from Ragged Rose. This bunting can be placed in your kitchen to give it a festive look as this bunting has snowflakes pattern over it. It is also made of fabric so it can be stored away and it will not tear and rip.

Change your usual placemats and napkins for some Christmas red napkins.

With a reindeer, star and Christmas tree design these fabric placemats and napkins will make your Christmas table look so warm and Christmasey so heard on over to Ragged Rose to see all of there Christmas offerings.

These are just a few of our favourite things that we know that we will be using at Christmas time.

What Christmas baking accessory is an essential when you are home baking? Comment below and let us know.

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