Christmas Review 2017: Blueair Classic 405 Wi-Fi Air Purifier

An air purifier for medium rooms can be a tricky one to source out, you want a device which will clean the air of horrible contaminants quickly, not make too much noise and of course doesn’t stick out. We put Blueair Classic 405 through it’s paces which we were kindly sent and here’s our review.

Blueair Classic 405

One of the world-leaders in clean air solutions, Swedish Blueair Classic 405 definitely gets the thumbs up from us as our medium sized room really needed a compact unit for a better breathing experience so we could have more Christmas filled energy throughout the day.

Firstly the Classic 405 weighs around 33lbs so you may need someone to help slide in place, ensure this is around 4 inches from another object and in an area where the air can circulate freely in, out and around the unit, we placed ours just in front of our french windows, as we had loads of space available.

Blueair Classic 450 Air Purifier

Design wise the Blueair won’t take up more than a medium side table however it is wider and you may need to play around with positioning. The sleek white finish means we were able to place in nearly any room as it went perfectly. Once positioned getting started is very easy we simply plugged and played!

There are two options when it comes to using the device – remote or wireless. To use the Wi-Fi we downloaded the Blue Friend app which took a few attempts to get right but once paired the Wi-Fi status symbol lit grey and blue. You’ll know the wireless connection has not paired as it will be grey or “blinking”. We preferred the old method – using the remote.

Blueair Classic 405 Wi-Fi

Once on, we touched the blue bar button and it lit up one line meaning this was on the first setting, you’ll not believe just how quiet the unit was, we had to keep checking to ensure it was on. As the machine has three settings you can adjust this by pushing the touch button again, all located in the hidden control panel which is covered by a white flap – parents can sleep easily knowing children wont be able to find it.

The Classic 405 uses Blueair’s patented HEPASilent Technology to remove virtually all airborne pollutants.  After having this on for one full day we could already notice the difference especially as it clears the air in rooms up to five times a day. This mighty machine packs a real punch and is ideal for rooms or even (like us) work spaces sized up to 434 sq.ft.

Overall the machine completely did its job and we would certainly recommend giving this a go if you struggle with allergies or asthma plus with the wi-fi you don’t even need to get up to turn off or on during the night – making for an even better nights sleep.

Classic 405 Instructions

Making a wonderful addition to any home this festive season this could make for a unique gift for the whole family.

You can purchase at Blueair for £499.

Thank-you to Blueair who kindly sent the Classic 405 for review.  All opinions are our own.

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