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Christmas Review 2017: Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge Combo

At Christmas time, we’re definitely more careful when it comes to security and it’s important for us to be able to access our security systems while we’re on the go, so we were excited when Nuki sent us the Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge combo to review.


The darker days are rolling in and whilst we’re loving the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for buying our Christmas shopping, it seems that this time of year is notorious for high levels of crime, namely theft.

Before we set up a neighbourhood watch, we were made aware of Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge Combo.

Nuki is a device that can be fitted to your door and allows Smart access. You can lock and unlock your door with just a simple swipe of your smartphone (either IOS or Android). You can even allow different types of access, whether that be to a spouse, children, caretaker or workmen. Nuki allows you to choose who can get access on a permanent, recurring or on a one-time basis.

The great thing is that Nuki can be used on the go. If for example the delivery man/woman arrives when you’re at work, you can easily let them in temporarily to drop off the parcels.

Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge Combo use Bluetooth and home WiFi to work effectively so it is necessary that you have WiFi prior to purchasing this home security system.


Nuki can be easily installed on the inside of your door, on top of your existing lock and key. Depending on the overhang of the lock cylinder, the Smart Lock can be clamped on it, or even glued to the door. The Nuki Smart Lock can be removed without any marks and and is even perfect for use in rented accommodation.

We asked Mandy to put the Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge combo to the test and thought we’d share her thoughts.

“When I was installing this, I thought it was too easy to be right, but actually, this is so simple to install and use that it really took just 10 minutes or so to do.  Excited to try it out, I downloaded the Nuki app and was able to easily sync the device with my smartphone. From there, I was able to create individual access permissions and was even able to see a log of when the door had been opened and by who.

Most impressive for me, is the Bluetooth Fob. You can attach this to your car keys and use it pretty much the same way as you would use your car key which was ideal when I had an armful of shopping and no hands free to fiddle around with keys or my phone. Simply press the button and it unlocks the door! This is also ideal for elderly people who (if they’re anything like my Nana!) might spend a long time trying to use their physical standard keys. I felt like my home was safe and secure using this and I definitely took advantage of the log to see how often my door had been opened and by whom! I had became a woman obsessed, but I need never have anymore concerns about security and that is worth it’s weight in gold!”

Nuki Smart Lock And Bridge Combo costs around £285.00 and can be bought online from Nuki.

Well, it seems Mandy was impressed, will you be hoping to find the Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge under your Christmas tree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or alternatively, get in touch using the social media icons.

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