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The One Thing We All Forget To Buy At Christmas..

There is one thing we all forget to buy at Christmas, the one thing we need to make most things work… have you figured out what it is yet? Batteries!

Forget the last minute dash to the supermarket on Christmas Eve to get some batteries for the toys you think Santa Claus might bring your children this year, and get some Sanyo Eneloop batteries.

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Sanyo Eneloop Quick Charger MQR06 contains four x AA rechargeable batteries and even has a ‘quick charger’ for them. The charger has a charge light indicator and guarantees to charge upto 1800 times!

To charge all four batteries fully, takes roughly 4 hours, but to charge two of them takes less than 2 hours! These have excellent lasting power and are recommended for children’s toys.

These batteries are also excellent for digital cameras which is perfect particularly over the festive season when we all take lots of photographs. When we put these to the test we used our appliance for hours on end and still had plenty of charge.  We were also really impressed with the charge time – the packaging says to allow 220 minutes to fully charge all four, but in actual fact it only took 135 minutes to charge all four fully.

Batteries are a definite Christmas essential that we all seem to forget about so make sure you’re not doing the Christmas Eve dash to the supermarket to get yours this 2013.

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