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Christmas Review 2017: Pass The Pigs – A Tale Of Two Piggies

Looking for a twist on the traditional ‘Roll The Dice’ game? How about Pass The Pig, the game where you literally throw pigs! We were kindly sent this to review, take a look at our review of both Pass The Pig and Giant Pass The Pig game below:

Pass The Pigs Boxed Tin

When we first received Pass The Pigs from Winning Moves, the whole team were keen to play it as it looked so much fun. In a tin, the pack included the rulebook, scorecards, 2 pencils and 2 pigs. Up to four players could play so Holly, Katy, John and Mandy were players and Elaine kept score or ‘Swineherd’ as the score keeper is known in this game. Katy went first and she threw both pigs in the air and the landed both in the Trotter position which is known as the Double Trotter and was awarded 20 points.

Pass The Pig

Holly was up next who rolled a Snouter which meant one pig landed on it’s snout and two front trotters and the other on it’s side gaining her 10 points. John went next and received 20 points when he got the Double Razorback and Mandy received the Leaning Jowler and earned 15 points. As the game continued and more points were collected Katy rolled the Pig Out which saw both pigs land on there side and she lost all the points for that turn.

We continued playing the game until one player had 100 points which in this case was Holly and she was declared the winner of Pass The Pigs.

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Pass The Pigs is available at Amazon.

We were also kindly sent Giant Pass The Pigs, which is the same idea as the travel size game however it is taken to a whole new level as this has giant inflatable pigs! Elaine and Holly decided to play this game with Katy keeping score. They thought it would be even more fun to play this outside so when the sun was shining they headed outside to play it.

Giant Pass the pig

The pigs were inflated and Elaine went first, there was a lot of laughter as the pigs went flying through the air and landed on the grass and was awarded 5 points for the pigs landing in the Razorback however as both pigs landed in this position Elaine was awarded 20 points, much to Holly’s disappointment! Holly went next and she landed the brand new The Rumper position which gained her 15 points. The game continued until Elaine reach 100 points and was declared the winner of the game.

Pass the Pigs - Points board

The pigs were then deflated using the deflation aid and placed back in the handy carry case. There is also a repair kit included incase there are any damages to the inflatable pigs.

Overall the whole team loved both of these games and had a lot of laughs while playing them.

Giant Pass The Pigs is available at Amazon.

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