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Christmas Review 2017: Scott Simplissimo Chef

Having lots of family & friends round for Christmas and having to cook for them all? Scott’s Simplissimo Chef is the multi-purpose kitchen appliance that creates a host of delicious foods. We were kindly sent this to try, here are our thoughts:

Scotts Simplissimo Blender
Image Credit: Scotts

Elaine from our team was keen to give this a try as she is always looking for new ways and appliances to help speed up the amount of time she spends in the kitchen at Christmas.

“When I first looked at the Simplissimo Chef I thought it had a modern, stylish design and it didn’t take up too much space in the kitchen. It was really easy to set up and after reading all of the functions this had, I thought this was going to be a real time saver and I was right. This new appliance has a range of functions including;- blending for thin or thick soup, sauces, crushed ice, steaming and one of my favourite functions, the auto-cleaning mode.  I tried several of these options, first up I tried the thin soup so I simply turned the control knob to the Smooth program and added my ingredients, which were leeks, a carrot, potato, water and a little bit of garlic, and pressed the Start/Stop button which changed from white to orange.

Scotts Blender Ingredients

It immediately began cooking the ingredients and started stirring everything together and when the cooking process was finished I heard five beep sounds. I then poured this into a bowl and added a little bit of salt to taste. The soup was perfect, everything was cooked, smooth and hot – it was ideal to have this ready so quickly on a cold winters night.

Scotts Blender On

The option I tried next was the crushed ice as I do like to try different cocktails or mocktails. So I placed the ice into the blender and turned the knob to the ‘ice crushing’ mode and again pressed the Start/Stop button. It began crushing the ice for around one minute and when I placed this into my glass the ice was not like mush it was just perfectly crushed ice – ideal for Christmas cocktails!

There is also a ‘steam food’ option, so I turned the knob to the steam option and placed around 280ml of water into the glass bowl, added my vegetables into the steam basket and covered with the lid. The steam option went for around 30 minutes but I could set the timer from 1 minute all the way up to 40 minutes if the ingredients needed a bit longer to cook. They came out perfectly cooked, held their shape well and did not disintegrate when placed onto a plate.

Scotts Blender Settings

My favourite option and the one I was most looking forward to trying was the ‘auto clean’ function. I filled the glass bowl with 1200ml of water and added 3 or 4 drops of washing liquid as per the instructions. I rinsed the inside of the glass bowl and used a cleaning brush to remove any excess which might have been stuck on to the glass bowl. After that I washed the lid using washing up liquid and then rinsed it using the cleaning brush. All that was left to do was cover the glass bowl with the lid and turn the knob to the auto cleaning function. I pressed the Start/Stop button and the blender began to mix the liquid and heated up for around 2 minutes.

Once this was complete I lifted the glass bowl before placing this on a flat unit. I finished cleaning the glass bowl with a soft cloth and dried it thoroughly.

Overall I loved this new kitchen appliance from Scotts. It really does lots of different functions and was a real time saver.  I will definitely be using this at Christmas time when cooking for family and friends.

The new Scotts Simplissimo Chef will cost around £159.99 and will be available from Scotts, Amazon and eBay.

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