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Christmas Review 2017: Vacu Vin Wine Glasses & Champagne Saver

We were delighted when Vacu Vin sent us over a sample of their glassware & wine accessories and asked Katy, who loves a glass of red wine, for her thoughts on this kit and this is what she said:

Vacu Vin

“The Vacu Vin set arrived nicely packaged and on opening the wine coloured box discovered four clear, dishwasher safe, wine glasses, made by Royal Leerdam  – 2 for white wine (40cl) and 2 slightly larger glasses for red wine (53cl).  These lovely glasses would look great on any table and are designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of different types of wine.

As Christmas approaches it’s quite likely that loads of Champagne bottles will be dramatically popped sending a shower of Champagne across your room and sending the cork flying through the air.  Unfortunately, once popped  many are left uncorked and go flat.

Fortunately this handy with its unique locking design will help keep your champagne or sparkling wine fresh and ready to pop. This handy accessory fits most champagne bottles and comes in the original black colour.

I think the Champagne saver is a brilliant idea!  Very rarely are Champagne bottles finished by the end of the evening and usually go flat and get poured down the sink, now this handy accessory will let you keep it fresh for another day.”

I think these items from Vacu Vin would make a much appreciated gift for friends or family this Christmas.”

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