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Christmas Review 2018: Drumond Park Wally The Washer

Stop Wally from spinning and grab your clothes to become the ultimate Wally The Washer champion. We were kindly send this game for review, here’s our thoughts.

Drumond Park Wally the Washer
Image credit: Drumond Park

When this Drumond Park game arrived in the office everyone was excited to play it as it looked like so much fun. The game is suitable for 2 – 4 players, so as Holly, Elaine and John all wanted to play they set up the game which was easy to do.  We then placed the stickers on to the washer and put the clothes and the dirty sock into the washer and turned the switch to ON.

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The drum then started to spin and each of the players had to try and grab 5 pieces of clothing but they could only get the clothing which matched the colour they had picked and hang it up on the washing line.

Wally the washer
Image credit: Drumond Park

John said: “I picked the red colour of clothing and when it was my turn I had to decide how long I should let the washer spin  and then I pressed the Soap Box and nothing fell out! I have to say I was slightly relieved as that meant the opposition didn’t get any of their clothing either.”

Next up was Elaine: “I was next to take a turn and picked the colour green and again, like John, I let Wally spin for a bit and pressed the Soap Box and a few items of clothing fell out and two of them were green. I quickly picked them up and put them on my washing line, John got one red one and Holly got one yellow piece of clothing, so I was in the lead!”

Wally the washer

Last up for her turn was Holly who didn’t have the best of luck, Holly said: “My turn didn’t go quite as planned, I let the dryer spin and pressed the Soap Box waiting to get a few items of clothing only to find I got the dirty sock! I couldn’t believe my luck, the worst part was two of the green coloured clothing came out which was my colour and because I got the dirty sock I had to put them all back inside the washer, I was not happy!”

As the game continued on John and Elaine were tied with four pieces of clothing each on their washing lines, Holly was totally out of the game, she only had two.  The race was on to see who would be quickest to get to their coloured washing line.  John spun the washer and pressed the Soap Box and a red and yellow piece of clothing fell out of Wally but Elaine was quick off her mark and was first to get her piece of clothing on to her washing line  so she was the winner!

Drumond Park’s Wally The Washer is suitable for ages 4 years and up and requires 3 x AA batteries (which are not included) and costs around £24.99 from Amazon UK

We can’t wait to play this game again!

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