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Christmas Review 2018: Power Dough Magic Pets

We were delighted when Power Dough sent us over their Magic Pets modelling kit and couldn’t wait to take it out of the box.

Suitable for ages 3 and over kids will have a great time sculpting their magical pets out of the dough and then magically bring their creations to life by pushing any of the four power parts, that are enclosed, into the dough.

Image credit: Power Dough

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Easy to mold and with 4 pots of dough, (Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow), 15 mix and match accessories, 4 power parts and a yellow sculpting tool, they’ll have everything they need to create their own magic pets.

Elaine had the joy of trying it out! She said:”Opening up the large Magic Pets Power Dough Kit I was amazed at the collection of coloured mix and match accessories that were inside.  As blue is one of my favourite colours I chose it and easily removed the bright blue top.

I found the dough easy to shape and soon had an oval body ready for my choice of accessories.  With 15 mix and match accessories to choose from it took a bit of time to decide between the pink or green eyes, I decided on the pink and very quickly my blob of blue dough started to look like an animal.

Power Dough Box
Image credit: Power Dough

Next up was the yellow feet I’d decided upon and quickly rolled out a few blobs of dough and using the yellow sculpting knife made lines to create three toes. Yellow ears were next and with a little touch of blue in the centre I was almost done. Finally I chose a yellow nose and added the green power part along with a light up accessory to its head which brought my dough animal to life. I had a lot of fun being creative and testing this out. It’s definitely addictive and will have your children playing with it all day.”

The Power Dough creative kit is compatible with all dough and will give children loads of creative fun. Priced at around £25 it is available from Amazon and other retailers or you can find out more information at Canal Toys.

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