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Christmas review 2019: WowWee Fingerlings Untamed Wildfire & Fingerlings Narwhal Nori

The interactive Untamed Wildfire and Friendship Nori at the latest addition to the WowWee Fingerling range. We were kindly sent these to review, here’s what we thought:

Image of WowWee Fingerlings Untamed Wildfire & Fingerlings Narwhal Nori

When these arrived in the office, we couldn’t help but think how cute they looked – even though Wildfire did look ferocious. Mandy from our team happily reviewed both of these Fingerling toys. Mandy said: “I took a look at these individually to see all of the fun, cool features these had, so first up was the Fingerling Untamed Ferocious Wildfire.

Fingerlings Untamed Wildfire

Image of Fingerlingz Untamed Wildfire

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The first thing that impressed me was how well Wildfire had been designed as there was alot of details. I also noticed on the box that this required 4 batteries which were included, this is a big plus point for me as I get frustrated when toys don’t come with batteries included. So I took Wildfire out of the box which was a little tough to do so parents may need to kids their kids a little help to get this out.

Image of Fingerlingz Untamed Wildfire light up

As Wildfire is also a dragon, he has wings on his back and his head is moveable. There is a switch on the back and when moved, I instantly head Wirefire roar to life and his nose lit up red. In TAME mode I stroked his head ending at his nose and he started to make a happy, dragon-like purr. To get this into Unatmed mode, I could either poke his nose 3 times, hang Wildfire upside down or shake it and Wildfire erupted with loud, angry noises. I also cradled Wildfire in my hand and he yawned, closed his eyes an went to sleep, brilliant toy.”

Fingerlings Narwhal Nori

Next up was Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal Nori and I have to say Nori is the cutest Fingerling ever. Again batteries were included and I simply pressed the switch at the back of Nori’s head and she instantly lit up. When I tapped Nori’s head, her special horn lit up and she blinked her eyes. When I pressed Nori’s mouth, she made a kiss noise, when I made a waving movement with Nori, she began to made fun, happy sounds and again her horn lit up with different colours.

Image of Fingerlingz Narwhal Nori

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I also had Nori upside down and again Nori showed how happy she was. When it was time for Fingerlings Narwhal Nori to go to bed, I cradled her in my hand Nori yawn and closed her eyes to go to sleep. I did also like the fact that after 5 minutes or so of inactivity, Nori went into sleep mode to save battery power, again another brilliant addition to the Fingerlings range.”

Image of Fingerlingz Narhwal Nori light up

Overall, Mandy was impressed with both of these Fingerlings and thought they made a great addition to any Fingerlings collection.

We can’t wait to see what other Fingerlings will be in the range!

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