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Christmas Review: A Slice of Murder Game

Everyone loves a ‘who dun it’ and this ‘A Slice of Murder’ drop dead classic detective murder mystery game from Paul Lamond has everything you’ll need to keep your festive friends on the edge of their tinsel covered seats. We were kindly sent this to review.

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Murder is on the menu and everyone’s a suspect as this boxed game serves up everything you’ll need for the Painton Place murder mystery dinner party.

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Suitable for teens and over, Paul Lamond’s A Slice of Murder game is much more than an after dinner game.  The fun begins as you decide which of your friends will play which devious suspect and send out their invitations.  As each of your 8 friends receives their murder mystery invitation, they will find information on which character they will play along with suggestions on what they should wear.

The crime scene is set as celebrity chef, Francis ‘Franny’ Craddock, is found dead late on Saturday night. But who will be exposed as the murderer at Painton Place an 18th century house built by Sir John Panton in Rutting-on-the-Rise.

Suspicion obviously centres on your guests and now the killer is coming to dinner but which of them wanted Francis Craddock dead? Could it be Paul Babylon who bought Painton Place last year or perhaps the Rev. Piers Shorthouse a Yorkshire vicar who loves baking? 

This drop dead fun game has everyone’s a suspect, but which of your friends will be uncovered as the murderer or murderers?

The Inspector McClue, A Slice of Murder game is suitable for 6 -8 players aged 13 and over. Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to play the game including rules, recipes, decorating tips, invitations and booklets about each character’s role and even a few tasty secrets! A CD is also included to help set the scene and provide the solution to the crime.

We had great fun playing this game and it will be getting another outing around Christmas as we’ve already sent out detailed invitations to family and friends to join us at our betwixt Christmas and New Year murder mystery dinner party.

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