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Christmas Tried and Tested Mince Pies 2017

We know that Santa Claus eats many mince pies on Christmas Eve and we wanted to ensure he only gets the best of the best. So once again we’ve gone and done all the “hard” work for you as we’ve tasted this years mince pie’s from SEVEN of the UK’s leading supermarkets and stores. We were kindly sent these to review.

What do we look for? Simple! a mince pie which has a homemade taste, buttery pastry, festive flavour and of course a decent amount of filling.

Ten Of Ten

Asda Extra Special Luxury All-Butter Mince Pies

Price £1.85

Asda Extra Special Luxury All-Butter Mince Pies
This golden pastry topped with festive star and sprinkled with sugar to make these sparkle even more topped our charts. We loved the rich gold colour which gave the pie a homemade look. The mincemeat is infused with ruby port and french brandy for that little extra special kick. Tasting delicious and packed full of fruit we could eat these over and over again.

Available from: www.asda.co.uk


Nine Of TenTesco Finest All Butter Mince Pies with Courvoisier

Price £2.00

Tesco Finest All Butter Mince Pies with Courvoisier
Image credit: Tesco

A lightly coloured pastry with a snowflake top sprinkled with sugar is surely worth tucking into. With an array of mixed spices and gorgeous mincemeat laced with cognac makes these one of the tastiest pies we’ve had. Not overly sweet and has a perfect balance of fruit and pastry,

Available from: www.tesco.com


Nine Of TenIceland Luxury Mince Pies

Price £1.00

Iceland Luxury Mince Pies 2017Opening with a Christmas star design and topped with a very light dusting of sugar, Iceland’s luxury mince pies are always a hit in the office. We enjoyed the buttery pastry which wasn’t too thick and inside the generously filled pie was full of flavour especially cinnamon. We’d have at least two with a cuppa!

Available from: www.iceland.co.uk


Eight Of TenMarks & Spencer Christmas Star Collection Mince Pies

Price £2.50

Marks & Spencer Snowflake Mince PiesAnother well balanced pie which was generously filled with juicy fruits. The clementine and glacé cherries gave a zesty taste which was a bit strong for a couple of our testers however on balance most felt these were just the right balance of sweet and citrus. The snowflake design also added a more Christmas feel.

Available from: Marks and Spencer


Eight Of TenAldi Sloe Gin Mince Tarts

Price £2.29

Aldi Slow Gin Mincemeat TartTopped with flaked Almonds with a rich sloe gin mincemeat are what set these apart from the others. For some the all-butter pastry was a little heavy but for most of our tasters they said it was spot on. The hint of sloe gin adds to the mixture of sweet fruits and spices making these the perfect balance between sweetness and citrus. Where’s our next pack?!

Available from: www.aldi.co.uk


Seven Half Out Of TenSainsbury’s All Butter Mince Pies, Taste the Difference

Price £2.00

Sainsbury's All Butter Mince Pies, Taste the Difference x6 370gTopped with a festive charming star and lovely sprinkles of clear white sugar, the pastry is like a crisp shortbread biscuit with hints of vanilla. While we loved the sweet fruitiness of the mincemeat we felt it lacked a little spice, nothing a dollop of ice cream couldn’t fix.

Available from: www.sainsburys.co.uk


Taste Test 2017: 7 out of 10Morrions The Best Mince Pies

Price £2.00

Morrions The Best Mince Pies
Image credit: Morrisons

The star embossed pastry lid dusted with icing sugar make these stand out from the crowd. Although filled with a wonderful amount of citrus fruits the pastry was a little dry and broke away pretty quickly but despite this overall we thought these did have a great taste.

Available from www.morrisons.co.uk


Six And Half Of TenWaitrose All Butter Mince Pies

Price £2.50

Waitrose All Butter Mince PiesA light golden brown all butter pastry encases a rich juicy filling with a hint of Brandy. The glace cherries and apricot make these sweet to taste. As you open the pack the aromatic scent of clementine and cinnamon are what we could smell most. Although a great taste if you haven’t got a sweet tooth one may be enough.

Available from: www.waitrose.com


Taste Test 2017: 6 and half out of 10Spar Luxury Star Mini Mince Pies

Price £1.25

Spar luxury mini mince pies We LOVED these mini luxury bite sized mince pies from Spar. These delightful mini star treats were packed with mincemeat which was sweet and very fruity. A couple of these were enough as the filling is sweet as was the pastry. Overall a great treat for catching up with friends especially those who love to indulge.

Available from: www.spar.co.uk

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