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Clothes voted the worst Christmas gift to receive…

If you are in the midst of Christmas shopping, then stop! as you may be buying gifts that nobody wants including clothes according to new research.

You’ll be surprised at the results…

Gift Giving at Christmas

It’s December, which means Christmas has officially landed, and like many, most of us are still scouring the web looking for the best present to buy and according to new research, it certainly isn’t clothes or books…

Ocen Finance analysed 41,000 comments and nearly 400,000 upvotes on Reddit threads to uncover the worst Christmas presents to receive with Clothes, Food and Toiletries all making the top ten.

Clothing at Christmas

Below are the top 10 worst presents to receive this festive season according to Ocean Finance:

Clothes – 58,198 upvotes
Books – 47,900 upvotes
Kitchenware – 40,200 upvotes
CDs & DVDs – 26,200 upvotes
Outdated tech – 24,000 upvotes
Toiletries – 20,2000 upvotes
Cigarettes – 17,200 upvotes
Stationary – 17,000 upvotes
Food – 16,300 upvotes
Handmade gifts – 15,500 votes

Plus, if this wasn’t shocking enough the results also show that Grandparents beat Parents when it comes to better gift buying with Partners ranked the best gift-givers.

We’re just glad our Christmas Gift Guide features an array of fun, innovative ideas for presents.