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Comic Relief 2015-Making It Funny for Money

Friday 13th March is Red Nose Day 2015! This year we’re being asked to make our face funny for money – a simple suggestion for some of the UTCT staff – the question is would we notice the difference?

Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the time, every two years, when we can all get together and do something funny for money, whether that’s at home, school and work.

Whether it’s joining in on your own Great British Bake Off – let’s be honest, you know you won’t do any worse than Jonathan Ross’ efforts or simply cracking jokes at work, you know that whatever amount you manage to raise will go to a really worthwhile cause and you’ll have had great fun doing it!

Friday the 13th will see a fantastic night of TV on the BBC, as celebrities inspire us all to give generously. Who wouldn’t give money to see Dermot O’Leary complete his epic non-stop 24 hour Day of Dance or Dawn French as she returns to campaign for the role of the next female Bishop as our favourite female vicar Geraldine Grainger.

Be prepared to be ‘licenced to thrill’ as Daniel Craig leaves us shaken and stirred when he returns for a one off James Bond sketch.  As always Lenny Henry will be around to show us how the money we raise helps change lives both here in the UK and across Africa

In an historic first Comic Relief is excited to announce that this year there will be nine Red Noses to help supporters to make their faces funny for money.

Which Nose will you be on 13th March?

Firstly meet Snorbit who comes from the Red Planet in Snouter Space and is the first extra-terrestrial Nose to be sighted on Planet Earth.

Then there is Supernose, who was forced to flee to Planet Earth as a baby when Planet Nose blew.

Next up is Astrosnort who trained at NOSA and will be leading the countdown for the Red Nose Day 2015 launch.

Snotty Professor is the world-renowned inventor of Nosebot and has even managed to turn some of the Noses into very rare gold ones, which will be turning up in some bags.

Nosebot is not a big fan of sneezing and snot and hopes that robotic noses will soon replace human ones.

Little is known about the master of the ancient art of Nose fighting, Karate Konk. But one thing is for sure, if another Nose is in danger, this highly trained red belt will rescue them.

The bite-size vampire Snout Dracula should never be worn in front of a mirror. And remember – don’t go near Snout Dracula if you have a nosebleed!

Snortel, the little Nose diver, is flipping cool. Snortel’s favourite place to swim is the Red Sea and don’t forget to hold this Nose when you go underwater!  Finally, Stripey is a Nose of mystery and that’s all we Nose about this masked character.

So dust the cobwebs off your wallets and prepare to give generously to this most worthwhile cause.

For more information on how you can do something funny please visit: http://www.rednoseday.com/

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