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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Confident? Guess-A-Range Party Game

We don’t know about you, but we do enjoy a good party game, especially after dinner on Christmas day, so when we were kindly sent Confident? to review, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Image Of Confident? Party Game
Image credit: Confident Games Limited

Confident? The Guess-A-Range party game is all about confidence, so when this game arrived in the office, Katy, Mandy and Elaine were more than happy to review this.

Confident? Whats in the box?

Mandy said: “When Confident? arrived in the office myself, Katy and Elaine all happily volunteered to give the game a try and I have to say it was so much fun. To play the game, Holly said that she would keep scores and read out the questions and answers. We played as individuals, each had to take a dry-wipe pen and Answerboard and it was now time to play.

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The aim of the game is to answer the question and the person with the smallest range wins. So what we had to do was put in our BOTTOM of range, TOP of range and that gave each of us the SIZE of range. So I answered a question and put my bottom range at 7 and my top range at 30, giving me a size range of 23, Katy did the same with 8 as her bottom range, 40 as her top giving a size range of 32 and Elaine was 6 bottom range, the top range was 35 giving a size range of 29.

Confident? Ranges

I had the smallest size of the range which meant I won the point. We carried on playing the game, trying to get the smallest size of range throughout the whole game and the person to 15 on the scoreboard was the winner which in this case was Elaine!

Confident? Scoreboard

We did play another round but this time introduced Copy which meant you didn’t have the write a range but one of your opponent’s names and after they showed their guess, you could copy their answer like it was yours all along! There is the Swap option which allowed each of us to put 2 other players names in and they have to swap Answerboards and they get points based on their new range answers. Finally, there is the Double option which is really great if your feeling really confident, if you are really sure of your size of range put simply put your name in the box to score double points. Mandy tried this but got the range so wrong and didn’t get the double points!

Confident? Extras

There is also the option to play in teams so you could discuss the answer between your team and there are fun bonus ways to play and myself and the rest of time can’t wait to try these!

Overall, we all thought the game was a lot of fun, easy to follow and brought out everyone’s competitive side and can’t wait to try this with family and friends over Christmas!”

Confident? The Guess-A-Range Party Game is suitable for 11 years+, can be played with 2-30 players and costs around £19.99.