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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Conservation Crisis Board Game

Conservation Crisis Board Game is a fun, simple and easy to play, game that is suitable for 2 -4 players ages 7 and over. We were kindly sent this to review, so we sent Elaine and Mandy to play this game.

Image Of Conservation Crisis Board Game
Image credit: Tunza Games

Conservation Crisis board game and inside we found everything needed to help rescue the species including playing board, wildlife reserve boards, instruction booklet, wooden playing pieces, and press out cardboard tokens, event cards, bribe cards, community meeting cards, money and more.

Conservation Crisis Board Game

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Myself and Mandy removed all of the pieces and began placing the board game on the table.

Each of us choose an animal to work to protect and given funding with the idea that we needed to use our funding while going around the board in order to get more funding. Depending on the route we took, there were different things to spend the money on including research, rangers, vets and more to help protect our chosen animal.

Conservation Crisis Board Game Animals ETC

As we moved around the board there were tasks that needed to be completed including holding staff meetings which meant we had to pick a card, this also saw whether or not we earned more money or lost money. As we moved around the board, we passed by the Poachers Checkpoint, at this point you could either choose to pay a bribe or miss two turns while you are searched, Mandy chose to be searched but that did mean her losing 2 turns.

Conservation Crisis Board Game Squares

As we moved around the board, fulfilling each of the tasks, I ended back up at HQ which had instructions that I could get including receiving Wildlife, apply for funding and more. The winner of the game was the one who had the most wildlife at the end which in this case was me!

Amazon, £29.99*: SHOP NOW

Both Mandy and I loved the fact that this game teaches what it is like in real life for animal conservationists and everything that they go through in order to protect the wildlife. We were also impressed with the fact that the game is entirely plastic-free and lots of fun and educational as well, great game!”

With an RRP of £29.99 the Conservation Crisis Board Game by Tunza Games is available to buy now, also £2 from every sale goes towards funding charity conservation projects to help protect wildlife around the world.

Will you take on the role of wildlife conservation?  Will you work to save your species?