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Countdown to Christmas with Pukka Herbs’ NEW advent calendar

To celebrate the countdown to Christmas, Pukka Herbs are launching a new edition of their Christmas advent calendar this 2018.

Image of Pukka Herbs Christmas Advent Calendar

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What will be in the new Pukka Herbs’ Advent Calendar?

Behind each of the twenty four festive doors there will be 24 carefully selected herbal teas from the Pukka tea range. Turmeric Active and Lean Match Green, Vanilla Chai, Revitalize and Wild Apple Cinnamon, as well as Pukka’s popular tea’s will all be in the Christmas advent calendar.

All of Pukka’s teas have been expertly blended by Pukka Herbs co-founder and Master Herbsmith, Sebastian Pole to nourish, support, uplift and relax.

“Here at Pukka, we think that every cup of herbal tea should not only be good for you but should taste good as well,” says Sebastian. “That’s why we use 100% organic, medicinal-grade ingredients that are rich in natural oils, to enhance taste and depth of flavour as well as to increase potency and unlock the full wellbeing potential of each tea.”

Image of contents of Pukka Herbs Christmas advent calendar

How much will the Pukka Herbs’ advent calendar be and where can you buy it?

Pukka’s new Christmas Calendar will be available from Holland & Barret from 1st September 2018 and will cost £9.99.

Tim Westwell, Pukka Herbs co-founder says,‘Traditionally, Christmas is about coming together to celebrate love and compassion, to show gratitude to those around us and to reflect and think about those less fortunate than ourselves. Tea, of many different varieties, is loved internationally by people from all over the world. It is used to support health, to take a moment of reflection and to bring people together. ‘Pukka’ is a Hindi word meaning ‘authentic’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, Christmas is the perfect time to spread some Pukka love, gratitude and compassion by connecting people, plants and planet through the wonder of herbs. Have a very Pukka Christmas.’

We can’t wait to countdown to Christmas with a different herbal tea every day!

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