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#DecADay – Share your favourite Christmas Decorations

#DecADay is here! Join us across our ALL of our social media channels as we share a Christmas decoration each day throughout February

Three Christmas Bird Ornaments

February can be one of those months that are a bit of a Bah-Humbug but we say, Scrooge you bleak Feb and move aside as we do #DecADay across our social media channels.

So what exactly is #DecADay? well, it’s simple – every day (around 3pm-ish) we’ll share with you a Christmas decoration we had up in our home last Christmas.

UnderTheChristmasTree Christmas Tree

Want to take part & make your February more magical? simply Share your Christmas decorations with us across any of our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channels using #DecADay!

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Come on lets put a little yule-tide cheer for all the hear this month!