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Mrs Claus shares 5 fun and FREE half-term ideas for the kids at home

Are you ready for half-term?…No?! Don’t worry as Mrs Claus has got you covered and even better, these activities won’t cost you a thing and can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Half-term ideas for children
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As some of the elves here about to go on holiday (even though it feels the Christmas holidays have just ended) Mrs Claus has put together 5 FREE ideas to keep your little ones busy and entertained, especially as we’re spending even more time at home.

1. Disney movie day
Both children and parents can get involved! simply dress up as their favourite Disney character and watch back-to-back movies all day long. The kids will love this and more to the point it gives us adults a chance to re-watch some of our old fav’s.

2. Garden cleaning
Now although this seems like a bit of a bore you can turn cleaning the garden into a fun-filled day. Start by giving your kid a check sheet where they need to find small objects around the garden and once all the small jobs are done and all have been found, your little one can have a treat such as movie choice.

Robin outside
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3. Get crafty
We all have old tubs of paint, crayons, cardboard boxes lying around the house so put them to good use and let your little ones imagination go wild…just ensure to put a lot of newspaper down before starting.

4. Bake up a storm
Sorted with breakfast, lunch and dinner why not let your little one help around the kitchen this could be scrubbing potatoes, stirring and even pouring dry and cold liquids into bowls, plus lock-down can be fun with a cookie decorating day!

Baking Christmas cookies
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5. Put pen to paper
Children have the best imaginations so why not bring their friends together via zoom to discuss and write a play and once done put on a virtual show to entertain all the parents.

We know half-term will be very different again this year however Mrs Claus has told us that although we may not be able to get together with friends we can still have a ball at home.