Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch Board Game

If you are a fan of the popular children’s books Diary of a Wimpy Kid then you’ll love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch Board Game which we were kindly sent to review and which features:

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  • Four different activities
  • Suitable for age 8 and over
  • For 3 – 6 players
  • Available from Amazon UK

Do you know enough about your friends and family and will you be the first player to reach the finish space –without the Cheese Touch?

To begin playing this Paul Lamond game you must firstly separate the cards into separate decks and place them face down near the game board.

Each player must choose their Mover and places on the game board at the Start position.  The movers feature characters from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid novels, so you can choose your favourite from Greg, Rodrick, Manny, Rowley, Holly, and Fregley

You will also require pencils or pens and paper to play the game (these are not included in the box

The youngest player goes first and the game then moves in a clockwise direction.  The oldest player starts off with the cheese which means they have the Cheese Touch!

The card you must turn over depends on the box you land on when you throw your dice.  You could land on any of the four different activities:

Who said What? You could be asked ‘If you could be any animal what would you be?’ Your opponents must write down what they think and pass their answer to the person whose turn is next, they mix the answers up and read them out in random order so that you (the player) can guess who wrote what. Each right answer get you a move along the board.  If you don’t get any right you’ll get the dreaded “Cheese Touch”

Do It Like This – when a player lands on this selection they must firstly take a card and without looking at it pass it on to whoever is the next player.  He/she secretly takes a peek at word on the card eg Lazily; the player tells the card holder to act it out any way they choose for example ‘Eat like this’ .  The person holding the card has to silently act out the word which if guessed correctly they move ahead 3 spaces.  Failure to correctly guess means that the card must pass on to the next player who again must silently act out the word, this continues until for a total of 5 tries when they are given the Cheese Touc

Yes or No – this is played in a similar way to Who said What? This time your question could be ‘Have you ever pretended to be sick to stay home from school?’ Again the other players write down their answer and places the answers face down on the table, the player must then guess which each of the other players wrote, each correct answer will earn you a move around the game board. Get any answers wrong and it’s the Cheese Board for you

Finally, Great Minds Think Alike – do you know your friends well enough to know who would give the same answer to a question? Then, read your card and tell no one what is says, choose the player who you think will answer the same as you – both should write down their answer and if you both answer the same you both get to move forward 3 spaces. If you give different answers then you, the player, get the Cheese Touch

The winner is the player who reaches the Finish space without the Cheese Touch.

This Paul Lamond board game will let you know how well you really do know your family and friends and also who knows you

Cheese Touch Board Game Specifications

  • Boxed Weight:  735g
  • Batteries: not required
  • Recommended age: 8 – 15 years
  • No. of Game Players: 3 – 6

What’s Inside the Cheese Touch Board Game Box?

  • 1 x game board
  • 180 x game cards
  • 1 x card box
  • 1 x Cheese Touch piece
  • 6 x Movers
  • 1 x Game Die.

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