Did you make any Christmas related New Years Resolutions?

With every new year comes a slew of new years resolutions that we sometimes keep and sometimes (mostly) don’t. We decided that instead of making some that would change ourselves, we would make some Christmas related resolutions that we can work on throughout the year.

Resolution 1 – Do my Christmas shopping in the first half of the year.

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Between now and June there are a lot of sales, deals and offers that are set to appear, so why not take advantage of those offers and get your Christmas shopping done in the first half of the year? We recommend buying gift sets and festive themed fashion in January when everything is 70% off. Buying jewellery and handbags (or similar) are best bought in February (it’s every retailers ‘quiet’ time meaning deals galore!). For things like electronics, you might be better waiting until nearer the time so not to let it ‘sit’ for too long (which might mean your warranty will run out!).

Resolution 2 – I will replace all broken decorations/lights in January

Every year when we get the Christmas tree out, we remember the two sets of broken lights we had to throw out. Replacing them in January means you won’t forget about them and you’ll get a pretty good deal. We recommend storing them indoors throughout the year to avoid cold damage.

Resolution 3 – I will prepare the Christmas cake in October.

We’ve all been there. The mad dash to prepare the Christmas cake might seem fun at the time, but buying all the ingredients can be pricey at that time of year. By preparing early, you can be sure to free up your time to focus on decorating (or baking a fresh batch of Mince Pies. Yum).

Resolution 4 – I will loose 5lbs before next Christmas

Loosing a few pounds before Christmas means you can afford to put a few on over the festive season and won’t need to worry about boring January diets. Oh yes, that sounds good to us!

Resolution 5 – I will make that Garland

Every time someone suggests making our own stair garland we want to do it but forget and before we know it, it’s Christmas eve. If you prepare by buying all the things you need throughout the year then you can assemble it a month or so prior to hanging it. Keep an eye on our website for tips and tricks.

And that’s it! have you made any Christmas related New Years Resolutions? Let us know in the comments below.

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