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Did you search for these festive foods online?

Christmas is the time of year that we have lots of tasty treats and festive foods but some of these were searched for more than others, so what was the most searched for festive food? Take a look below:

Image of most searched for festive foods online
Image credit: thortful.com

It seems our favourite things to search for are: Christmas dinner, mince pies and Pigs in Blankets while Gravy and Stilton were placed into the ‘Give It A Miss Tier’ according to research done by thortful.com. Yule log, stuffing and parsnips were second bottom with chocolate, Christmas pudding, mulled wine and Nut Roast all made it into the ‘Good Tier’.

Did you searched for any of these and would you move any from the tiers into a different tier? We thought the Sherry may have made it into a higher tier!

This follows research of the supermarkets Christmas desserts that have the most sugar were revealed.