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Easter ALREADY on the minds of Brits BEFORE Christmas

Easter set to become Christmas number two as UK Shoppers search for Easter treats & trees before Christmas decorations had even come down!

Heston Blumenthal Mocha Coffee Hot Cross
Image credit: Waitrose Heston Blumenthal Mocha Coffee Hot Cross

Christmas was just literally 20 days ago, however UK supermarket Waitrose & Partners said they saw a huge increase of customers searching for Easter BEFORE Christmas decorations had even came down.

We already spotted Easter eggs and treats on shelves at Christmas and now according to Waitrose before we could even take down our Christmas trees, interest in Easter began to soar, with chocolate lovers seeking out Easter eggs as searches for the confection increased 300% from the 28th December to the 5th January.

No.1 Hidden Truffles Chocolate Easter Eggs
Image: No.1 Hidden Truffles Chocolate Easter Eggs

Anni Ludhra-Gent, Waitrose Seasonal Brand Manager says, “We are all in need of things to celebrate and look forward to in the coming months – with Easter being the event we’re all hoping will put a spring back in our step!”

Although we’ve only just finished our last slice of panettone we are slightly drooling at Waitrose new Easter range which includes famous creations (like at Christmas) from Heston Blumenthal including the new Mocha Coffee Hot Cross Buns (pictured at the top) and these Chocolate Pomegranates by Waitrose designed to look like the real thing and taking inspiration from the trend for Middle Eastern recipe.

Chocolate Pomegranates by Waitrose
Image: Waitrose Chocolate Pomegranates

And again, if you are missing your festive decorations, no need to worry as Waitrose are launching Easter trees, wreaths and decorations – Christmas 2 anybody?

Waitrose Easter Felt Decorations
Image: Waitrose Easter Felt Decorations

The Waitrose Easter range will be available in shops and on Waitrose.com from mid February.