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Supermarket Christmas desserts with the MOST sugar revealed

New data has revealed the supermarket Christmas desserts that contain the most sugar, look away now if you love stollen.

Christmas Stollen

It’s a little known fact that Christmas is a time for indulgence, and for many of us, its a time of the year where counting calories go out of the window, however, although we still might let loose and treat ourselves, some people still want to watch what they eat and according to new data compiled by online cake shop Jack and Beyond – Morrisons Christmas yule log is the worst sugar offender.

Yule log image
Image credit: Stollen – Shutterstock/Rimma Bondarenko

Yes, just one serving of this delicious chocolatey dessert contains a third of your daily intake! but if you thought that was bad, then cover your eyes as Waitrose tops the list for most sugar for three Christmas favourites – profiteroles, stollen AND trifle.

The positive news? Sainsbury’s, Tesco and The Co-operative tie for desserts with the LEAST amount of sugar – two times each.

Jack and Beyond Sugar Christmas Desserts
Image credit: Jack and Beyond Sugar Christmas Desserts

As far as we’re concerned it’s Christmas and who’s up for seconds?!