Do you keep your Christmas tree up for this length of time?

According to a survey with over 2,000 people by TheToyShop most of us will keep our Christmas tree up for 37 days.

TheToyShop Christmas Tree Dates
Image credit: TheToyShop

That’s not all they found out, according to the survey December 1st is the most popular day for putting up your Christmas tree, with 22% putting up their tree during November while 9% wait until the week before Christmas to decorate their house.

January 6th is the most popular day to take down the tree, however, 16% take it down BEFORE New Year’s Day!

The survey also found that 60% of us prefer an artificial tree, 19% want a real tree and 12% have no tree at all. When asking that surveyed why they prefer a real tree the top answer was “I like the smell” while those who answered for an artificial tree’s top answer was “I can keep & reuse it for multiple years”.

TheToyShop Real Or Artificial Christmas Tree
Image credit: TheToyShop

In regards to lights, 52% use coloured lights, 41% white lights and 7% said they use no lights.

TheToyShop Christmas Lights
Image credit: TheToyShop

Finishing off the survey, TheToyShop asked: Are children allowed to help decorate the tree? 65% yes while 35% said no!

TheToyShop Allow Children To Help
Image credit: TheToyShop

What would you have answered had you taken part in the survey? Let us know!

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