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Do you or your family use a PC?

After falling 14 per cent in the first three months of the year, it seems like PC’s are on their way out, so UTCT asks – do you or your family still use a PC?

Having the worst decline since 1994, are PC’s feeling the effect of the growing tablet and smart phone market?

Back in the good old days, there were no instant access from mobile phones to social media, work or email but nowadays we all lead such busy life’s that these applications are necessary.

When you get home can you be bothered to turn on the PC? or do you just sit on the sofa with your smartphone or tablet in hand?

Kids at school use desktop PC’s however more and more schools are choosing to use iPads, with children being sent home with PC homework some are doing it on either their own or parents tablet.

The fall in PC’s came in despite of the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 in October which was hoped would boost sales with incorporating new mobile functions such as touchscreens to the desktop.

HP and Lenovo topped the worldwide bestsellers of PC’s but with both seeing a loss in the number sold.

Do you or a family member use a PC? or has tablets and smartphone over taken the outdated home system? Comment using our comments box below

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