Don’t Forget Your Teabags!

We all have our own home comforts that we really don’t want to go very long without. If you’re heading on a festive holiday abroad to try and catch a glimpse of some sunshine over the Christmas holidays then there’s a few essentials we know you’ll be planning to take with you.

Already got some tea bags ready to take with you with you on holiday? Feeling a little bit silly? Well don’t! According to a new survey by ICE, almost 1/3 of us take teabags with us when we head abroad. Who can beat a nice cup of tetleys?

According to the survey, our top ranking home comfort is our own bed – what does it matter if your bed  has springs and lumps sticking out in places they shouldn’t.   Our bed is our sanctuary, and nothing beats getting a good night’s sleep in our own bed – lumps and all.

Following closely behind in our top priorities is our pets. Not our families or our friends, not our jobs, but our pets.  We here at UTCT HQ are not surprised by this, we had withdrawal symptoms at being away from our beloved house cats for a week while we were in New York. We were worried they would be lonely without us, turns out our neighbours had been giving them secret cuddles! Our absence was not even noticed.

Unsurprisingly, the survey showed that technology dominated the priorities of many 25-34 year olds with smartphones & chargers hitting the top spot.  How would we survive without our social media fix every day!

For many, the priorities for all include a fully charged kindle loaded with good books and sun protection to save our pale skin from burning.  Those teamed with a nice cup of tea and a fully charged mobile phone is our idea of bliss!

What do you always take with you when you go abroad? Comment below and let us know.

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