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Don’t Just Watch The Adverts…Win Them With Saturday Night Takeaway Board Game

Fan of Saturday Night Takeaway with Ant & Dec? Now you can play the game at home with Paul Lamond’s Saturday Night Takeaway board game! Here’s what we thought of this game when we were kindly sent it through.

When Elaine first looked at the box she could instantly see one of our favourite duo’s on the box, Ant & Dec, knowing straight away that it was going to be a fun game. Suitable for ages 8 years and up and for between 2 and 6 players Elaine enlisted john and Holly to play the game with her. Unpacking the box there was the playing board, 1 die, a 1 minute sand timer, rule leaflet, 105 Ad Prize tokens, 6 coloured playing pieces, a pack of Win The ads cards and
a pack of Ant & Dec challenge cards.

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Reading through the rule book gave the aim of the game which was to be the first player to get around the board and to reach and play Win The Ads. Easy enough? Wrong! Ant & Dec has cheekily placed obstacles around the board to stop you getting near the Win The Ads. Elaine, Holly and John each picked a playing piece and each player rolled the dice to see who would go first, John rolling the highest went first and began to move around the board, followed by Holly and then Elaine. Landing on different squares such as Free Ads prize meant that players could take a fee token from the Ads Prize and add it to their prize bank, Elaine landed on an Ant Vs Dec taking a card from the top of the pile she had to follow one of the challenges using the 1 minute timer, some of the challenges involved all of the players and the winner of each of these got to keep a token from the Ads Prize and add it to their bank.

Moving around the board and landing on each of the challenges such as Little Ant & Dec where you had to perform a forfeit such as sing the alphabet to God Save The Queen or landing on the End of the show SHOW meant it was performance time again whoever was the winner of these got to take a token from the Prize Fund and adding it to their prize bank. Keeping their prize from each of the other players meant that no-one know if they had the largest prize bank or not. Holly had believed she had the largest prize fund and had managed to work her way around the board and got to the Win The Ads square where she had a trivia question to answer, having the correct answer she and the rest of the players revealed their prize banks and Holly didn’t have the largest prize bank, Elaine did and ended up winning the game as she had the most in the bank…much to Holly’s disgust and demanding a re-match!

Overall we thought the game was a lot of fun and very true to the actual game show itself!

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