Drumond Park Dig In! Game – Christmas Gift

We were delighted when Drumond Park sent us over a copy of their new game Dig In! and we couldn’t wait to try it out. Once again Drumond Park has come up with a deceptively challenging game of instant, frantic, finding fun!dig-in-logo-hr-500This is a great family game, suitable for age 8 and over and can be played by up to four players. As with all Drumond Park games the rules are simplicity themselves.

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Four members of our team settled down to play this ridiculously simple game and Katy chose to use the coloured side of the Dig In! cards (you can choose between coloured or grey sides), The aim of this table-top game is to be first to collect the six pieces shown on your Dig In! card. Sounds easy? However, panic sets in as the timer counts down the 15 seconds you have to find your 6 pieces in a bowl containing 128 different things, teddies, trains, dogs, planes, keys, bikes, and ice creams – not so easy after all!dig-in-4-kids-marsha-digging-hr-500

As Katy chose to use the coloured side of the card this meant we had to find the matching 6 pieces in the correct colour – if she’d chosen the grey side it would have been much easier as we could collect the pieces in any colour. She then shuffled the cards and gave one to each of us. With the red timer already in place, we placed our Dig In card face up in front of us and poured the vibrant mix of playing pieces into the white bowl and stirred them around.dig-in-montage-hr-500

Mandy was first to play and pressed the timer, she frantically dived into the bowl and using both hands tried to find the pieces on her card, however time was not on her side and she’d only managed to collect 2 pieces when the 15 seconds on the timer ran out. As Holly was sitting to her left she was next to play, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone concentrate so hard to find a teddy! I was last to take a turn and, as I’d been keeping an eye on the pieces I needed, I quickly grabbed them from the bowl just before my time ran out.dig-in-hands-red-flash-hr-350

If you thought this was manic then prepare yourself for the next round as now it’s a free for all and all four of us started searching for our missing pieces, this time however we could only use 1 hand. Holly thought she could sneakily get away with using both hands, however eagle eyed Mandy spotted this and quickly shouted out ‘Holly’ who was then out for the rest of the round. This gave Mandy more space and she quickly pounced on all the pieces she needed to win the round and keep her card. The winner of the game is the first player to fill 3 game cards.

Dig In! is an irresistibly funny, simple, fast paced game that both children and adults can play together without having to adjust the rules for different ages, with those little nimble fingers and sharp eyes the kids may well be the ones to win this enthralling test of hand/eye co-ordination.dig-in-4-kids-box-hr-500

We had a great time playing Dig In! and all agreed that this was a perfect family game and think that it would also make a hilarious after dinner game for a group of adults.

Dig In! is a brilliantly loony game – that’s set to be masses of fun for everyone this Christmas. Priced at around £20 Dig In! is available from John Lewis, Amazon and many other UK stores.

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