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Eastenders Tasty Christmas Snippets

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time for our favourite soaps to ‘release’ some tasty snippets about their Christmas episodes.  Today the spotlights falls on BBC EastEnders.

What exciting, heart stopping moments can we expect from the Eastenders residents of Albert Square?

It would appear that Dean Wicks, who last Christmas raped Linda Carter in the Queen Vic, my well get his comeuppance. The big question is ‘by who and how’ and how will his mum, Shirley, cope with the news?

It’s not looking good for Jane and Ian either as the Beale family have to make a decision about their son, Bobby, who murdered his sister Lucy. Will they give him up to the police or will they continue to protect him from the truth?

There’s also a secret to be uncovered – what is the story behind the key that Stacey continues to wear around her neck?

As Abi Branning continues to be shunned by her family she falls into even darker times and it’s no better for her grandmother, Cora, who is left isolated and alone over the Christmas holiday period as others celebrate with family. Will Dot come to her rescue?

Will you be tuning in to Eastenders this Christmas? Get in touch and tell us who your favourite character is.

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