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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds

With up to 12 hours of continuous playback, 40-minute quick charge and control at your fingertips, these earbuds are a must for anyone on the go. We were kindly sent Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds to review, here’s what Elaine from our team thought.

Image Of Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds
Image credit: Edifier

Elaine said: “I’m on the go quite a lot, whether it’s travelling to meetings or if it is just socially visiting family and friends and I do enjoy listening to my music and more while I’m travelling so I was keen to give the Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds a try.

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Image Of Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds

When I first opened the box, I was impressed with the box that these came in as it was small but sturdy so I knew if these were in my bag then they wouldn’t get damaged. I liked the sleek look, they are a dark grey, have a polished finish to them and to hold these are very light so I knew they would be comfortable in my ears.

Image Of Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Pairing

To set the earbuds up I simply took these out of the box and had my mobile phone handy to set up the Bluetooth connection which I did by pressing the button on the wireless earbuds and they started automatically going into pairing mode which saw these light-up red and blue and flashed quickly. Then I selected ‘EDIFIER TWS1 Pro’ on my Bluetooth settings and it was paired, I knew the earbuds were paired as the blue light began to flash slowly.

Image Of Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds USB Charging

I started to play some of my music and I was very impressed with the quality of the audio, my music was clear to hear, streamed great and with the noise cancellation, it really did stop any background noise interfering with my earbuds. I could also answer my phone, and decline all using the earbuds which is great when your on the go. Skipping music, play/pause, previous track, volume control all at the press of a button on either of the earbuds, which again really allowed me to get around my day-to-day business and all with no wires which is one of my favourite features.

To charge, I simply plugged the USB into the Edifier Wireless Stereo Earbuds box and placed the earbuds in the box and it took around 40 minutes and before I knew it these were ready to use again.

Overall, I was impressed with just how easy these were to set up, I really liked the noise cancellation technology and the fact that these are wireless are a big plus for me, these will be used over and over again when I’m on the go.”

Edifier TWS1 Pro True Wireless Stereo Earbuds are available to buy for £49.99 at Amazon.