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ELF The Musical Comes To London

We love ELF the movie and Buddy is literally everyone’s favourite…eh.. Buddy! We here at UTCT have been told that Elf is set to be turned into a Musical!

The story of ELF is a heart warming Christmas favourite where Buddy accidentally crawls into santa’s sack one Christmas Eve and is raised by Elves at the North Pole. The story see’s Buddy trying to hunt down his ‘real’ Father and follows the hilarious journey of rediscovering Christmas cheer.

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear” is one of our favourite ELF quotes.

There are set to be just 10 days of shows at the London Dominion Theatre starting in October 24th.

You can buy tickets for Elf The Musical at: Leicester Square Box Office

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