Fun Elves Behavin’ Badly accessories to get your hands on in the lead up to Christmas

These cute, mischievous and fun elves and accessories will help get parents through the Christmas season and what’s even better, you won’t even need to leave your homes, as they’re all available to purchase online.

Image Of Elves Behavin' Badly Christmas Range 2020
Image credit: Elves Behavin’ Badly

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Elves Behavin’ Badly Convertible Car: AMAZON: £11.18

Image credit: Elves Behavin’ Badly

As a parent you’ll know that one thing is certain, Christmas just won’t be Christmas for children without setting up those naughty Elves.

This year, due to the lockdown and pandemic, children have not been able to go about their usual fun and games with friends. Brighten up their day(s) and bring them loads of fun and laughter by amping up your mischievous elves behaving badly that are available either online or in store.

Elves Behavin’ Badly Pet Elf Hat: SHOP RANGE: AMAZON

Image credit: Elves Behavin’ Badly

Elves Behavin’ Badly The Perfect Pranking Accessory: AMAZON: £7.65

Fun and Playful Elves Behavin’ Badly Figure with a soft body and vinyl face. Includes hook and loop grip hands for causing mischief and mayhem around the house.

Image credit: Elves Behavin’ Badly

This exciting range of products starts from an RRP of £1.00 and you can pick up yours from all leading UK online and retail stores now. To view the full range, visit:

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