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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Emporia SMART.5 Smartphone

Technology can move so fast these days, but not everyone needs or wants a mobile phone that can do everything and look for something much easier to use. We were kindly sent the Emporia Smart.5 mobile to review, here’s what John from our team thought.

Emporia Smart 5.0 Phone
Image credit: Emporia

John said: “I must admit, I use my phone for quite a lot of things but not everyone is looking for a phone that has loads of different features and apps and just needs a fully functioning phone. I was keen to review the Emporia Smart.5 as it has been designed for those who are getting a little older in age.

Emporia Smart 5.0 Phone On Buttons

When I first looked at the Smart.5 I was impressed with the design, it looked like other smartphones with a good 5.5″ screen. I turned it on and I had on the front a really clear and crisp screen. I then has to follow a series of steps including selecting a language, connecting to the WiFi, connecting my Google account, set a pin and installed the Emporia app.

Emporia Smart 5.0 Phone Turned On

The phone was then ready and had basic things that I would need on the home screen such as the icon to make a phone call, check my messages, access photos and the information button which made everything so easy to access. I started playing around with the Emporia, I could easily swipe on the screen, type text messages, take a good picture as this has a triple lock camera which gave clear pictures, took great videos and even had a front-facing camera, perfect for a selfie!

Emporia Smart 5.0 Phone Back Camera

Something which I haven’t seen before is this phone comes with a smart cover which is included, this has four buttons on the front of the Smart cover so that you can do certain functions without opening the cover such as answering a phone call, taking a picture and even turn on the torch function.

Emporia Smart 5.0 Phone Smart Cover

This is great as you can still see what is happening on the screen without having the open the cover! Another feature which I thought was brilliant about the Smart.5 is on the back there is a button shaped like a heart that can be pressed for three seconds and it will automatically phone one of your emergency contacts, you have to preset one of these so once this is pressed it could phone your partner, family or friend if you need help. There is also the option to download apps, I did like this as it meant I could choose what apps I wanted in my phone instead of having lots already pre-installed, half of which I probably don’t even use.

Overall I was highly impressed with the Emporia Smart.5, the ease of use, smart cover with emergency button, good triple camera and overall design, I would use this phone for my day to day use as it has everything I would need without having to spend hours and hours trying to work out how to use it.”

The Emporia Smart.5 is available to buy online for £249.99 and Emporia.